We promote impact entrepreneurship through ground-breaking tools

Our methodology

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) leads, develops, and supports social innovation through a creative and results-oriented approach, with the goal of creating maximum social impact. Our built-in workflow enables not only support for a growing number of initiatives, but also continual monitoring and control, which helps us to constantly learn, improve, and become more effective.

Since 2010, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) has placed special emphasis on the evaluation and measurement of its philanthropic activities, adopting and promoting the development of innovative and effective tools: systematic collection of information and data, definition of objectives and desired outcomes, regular supervision, and more. This approach ensures the ongoing involvement and long-term commitment of the Foundation and the initiatives which it supports, and amounts to much more than a one-time financial contribution.

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From idea to reality

We develop and support groundbreaking entrepreneurship and a creative, results-oriented approach, with the goal of generating maximal social impact


To work towards creating society by narrowing social gaps and promoting excellence, diversity, and leadership through higher education.


Entrepreneurial philanthropy that promotes specific goals by developing and examining innovative responses to social challenges, and works through partnerships to create maximum social impact.

Fields of expertise

Focusing on five central fields: Access to and success in higher education, academic excellence, art, impact-entrepreneurship and leadership.

The programs

Implementation of mission and strategy through more than 50 programs, projects and initiatives in all fields of activity.

The Programs – Step by Step

In order to implement the methodology and bring about our social vision, all of the Foundation's programs – whether ones which we initiated or programs we joined as partners – have a continuous process that includes the following stages:
  • Identify the gap
  • Test a solution
  • Measure results
  • Harness partners
  • Achieve scale
  • Validate results
  • Attain a sustainable model