Our faith in human potential is manifested in the projects we support

How do I apply for a grant?

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (Israel) works to create a just, cohesive, and inclusive Israeli society, and drives deep processes of social change with the goal of promoting excellence, diversity, and leadership through higher education.

Continuing a philanthropic tradition of over 140 years, the Foundation fulfills the Rothschild Family’s long-term commitment to the State of Israel’s pioneering spirit – investing in change agents and in promoting its new pioneers.

The Foundation takes a proactive approach, which includes identifying social challenges, locating and developing innovative models while building partnerships with suitable organizations, and evaluating the results and the overall social impact.

In parallel, the Foundation reviews applications it receives which directly relate to one of its five fields of expertise:

Ensuring access to and success in higher education, with the goal of promoting equal opportunities and enabling young people in Israel’s periphery to acquire higher education and adequate employment.

Academic excellence, with the goal of advancing innovative research and helping in the development of the next generation of researchers in the humanities and exact sciences, and engaging the academic leadership in social change.

The arts, with the goal of engaging artists in social involvement through their artistic work.

Impact entrepreneurship, with the goal of establishing a measurable business model and encouraging the flow of new economic capital to meet social and environmental needs.

Leadership, with the goal of establishing a cadre of young leaders, mainly from the social and geographic periphery, who will be integrated into positions of influence in Israeli society.

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The Foundation selects the organizations and programs it supports according to established criteria, including direct engagement in one of its five areas of expertise; activities among the Foundation’s target populations; operation and development of innovative models that address fundamental problems; the ability to achieve measurable impact; and more.

Which organizations can contact us?

  • Organizations with proper management authorization and a valid 46A authorization.
  • Organizations that operate programs which deal directly with the fund’s target areas and populations.
  • Organizations that express through their activities values ​​of innovation, excellence, social responsibility, narrowing gaps, social diversity and respect for diversity, tolerance and professionalism.
  • Organizations that operate programs based on innovative models to solve fundamental problems in our areas of interest.
  • Organizations that operate programs that can achieve measurable impact, measure, or wish to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Priority will be given to strategic programs with a wide scope of activity and broad potential impact.

Preference will be given to programs that portray potential for full or partial economic independence within three to five years.

Preference will be given to programs with the potential to recruit additional partners.


How do we examine applications?

In accordance with our service agreement, which details the main processes that take place with the Foundation and the framework of mutual commitment, the Foundation conducts a three-stage examination process:

  1. Preliminary examination of the application’s compliance with the Foundation’s requirements. Replies regarding transition to the next stage, or non-compliance with the Foundation’s requirements, will be sent within three weeks of the deadline for submissions.
  2. Organizations whose applications are found suitable will be required to submit a project card within one month of receipt of the reply.
  3. After careful examination, only programs that were found suitable will be forwarded for comprehensive in-depth examination. For this purpose, detailed plans and documents will be required, a meeting will be set up with a Foundation’s manager in the specific area and, if necessary, a visit to the organization. Following the in-depth examination, the Foundation will make a decision concerning the grant.

When can we be contacted?

  • Submission dates: 1st of May to June 30th

    Each organization may apply once a year.
    An application that has been rejected will be submitted again only after two years from the date of the rejection, unless the Foundation specifies otherwise.