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The Academic Center for Impact Investment

About the program

The Academic Center for Impact Investment and Entrepreneurship is a joint venture of the School of Business Administration at the College of Management, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL), and the Dualis Foundation. Following the growth in the activities of Israel’s social businesses, the Center was established in response to the need for professional training, research, knowledge management, and the organization of methodologies in the field. It is the first academic center of its kind in Israel, offering a master’s degree in business administration, alongside specialization in impact investments and social entrepreneurship.

Our partners in the program are the Dualis Foundation and the College of Management Rishon Letzion.


  1. To provide infrastructure for applied research, training, practical experience, and development of methodologies for impact entrepreneurship and socially valuable investments.
  2. To advance the field of impact investments and social businesses in Israel.
  3. To serve as a professional, academic address for all those involved in social investments: graduate students, social entrepreneurs, academic researchers, decision makers, investors, companies and corporations.

Mode of operation

The Center serves as an academic institution in every respect, and conducts academic courses for students in the area of impact entrepreneurship as well as a Master’s degree program.

In addition to the courses, studies are conducted in the field of entrepreneurship in Israel, and conferences, courses and professional training are offered to the general public. The Center also has an entrepreneurship incubator for students, which cultivates social businesses; early-stage impact projects, and a student accelerator for the development of the projects.

In the numbers

people have
participated in
the Center's
activities since
it was established
students study
in the master's
study in
social business
take part in
the business
incubator and
project accelerator
people participate
in conferences
and training
conducted by
the Center
* 2017-2018 data