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Looking Forward to Academia

About the program

“Looking Forward to Academia” is a long-term program that trains outstanding youths aged 16-18 from Israel’s social and geographic periphery in the field of art. The program’s goal is to prepare participants for studies in institutions of higher learning and to integrate them into the world of art and communication in Israel. The program also aims to counterbalance the under-representation and under-coverage of minority groups in Israel in the world of art, by addressing gaps in general education and in academic education.

The program operates in cooperation with the Looking Forward Association.


  1. To expose talented young people from Israel’s social-geographical periphery to the field of arts and crafts.
  2. To provide them with a vehicle to express their talents in arts and communication.
  3. To empower youths and provide them with a sense of success and capability.
  4. To assist youths in entry into institutions of higher education in the fields of television, film and art, and to help them complete their undergraduate studies.
  5. To integrate graduates into the Israeli creative market.
  6. To create a basis for the under-representation of minority groups in Israel in the field of art and creativity.

Mode of operation

Once a week for two years, high-scholers in grades 11-12 are trained at five centers for art studies in Israel’s geographic and social periphery.

Training is provided by leading feature and documentary film directors. Participants study documentary video, screenplay, acting, music and sound, production and editing. The program also includes seminars, tours, and visits to art and cultural institutions.
Outstanding students from all the centers join the graduates’ group. Graduates receive a series of training programs and preparations for applying to an institution of higher education in the fields of art, music, theater, acting, and film. Training is aimed at providing the students with operational tools such as preparing a portfolio and going to an audition, as well as providing them with a sense of competence in order to integrate them into academic institutions. The participants who enter institutions of higher education receive financial support from the Foundation during their studies, as well as personal mentoring. Upon completion of their academic studies, the program works to integrate them into the film and television industry.