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About the program

The Tsofen Association works to increase the integration of students from Arab society into the high-tech sector in positions commensurate with their training and skills.
In 2016, the Foundation partnered with Tsofen to establish the mentors program, which identifies and recruits senior and experienced Jewish and Arab engineers, who accompany Arab students majoring in high-tech fields for six months or more. Mentors help students understand the Israeli high-tech industry in depth and focus on supporting their job search process and their employment readiness.


  1. Preparing Arab students in high-tech professions for the workplace.
  2. Integrating Arab students into suitable employment in the high-tech market.

Mode of operation

The mentors program is designed for students who have been studying high-tech subjects in institutions of higher education over the past year.

Students meet their mentors for an hour every week for six months. Mentors direct students to companies and relevant positions and prepare them for interviews and employers’ expectations. At the end of the mentoring process, Tsofen’s placement department locates positions in high-tech companies relevant for the students and assists them in placement.

In the numbers

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* 2017-2018 data