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The Rothschild Cube

About the program

Opened in partnership with Ben-Gurion University in 2015, the Rothschild Cube is an experiential training, guidance, and instruction center for effective social involvement.
Activities are based on an interactive simulator and technological tools that emulate events from a variety of social arenas. In 2019, work began on the Cube Online – a digital simulation platform that includes structured lesson plans from diverse fields of knowledge. The project provides an interactive web platform that enables knowledge sharing and the creation of new knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and social action at an international level.



  1. To promote effective social involvement combining sustainable planning and professional action.
  2. To encourage excellence and professionalism in the area of social involvement and entrepreneurship through the facilitation of values, skills and tools.
  3. To expand knowledge, develop tools, and instill skills among stakeholders in the social sphere.

Mode of operation

Rothschild Cube visitors, both physically and virtually, can choose from among different tracks: Value-driven tracks, including social responsibility and exploration of values, and professional training courses, including an economic sustainability and resource development track, a social marketing track, and a partnerships track. The simulator’s content system enables customization to the unique characteristics of each visitor.

In the numbers

people participated
in Rothschild Cube
people were influenced
by the Rothschild Cube
* 2017-2018 data