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The Bezalel Center for Excellence in Art

About the program

As part of its strategy, the Foundation invests in developing and expanding the arts, by promoting equal opportunity and excellence through the relevant fields.
The Bezalel Excellence Center in Art & Design in the Arab Society program, which takes place at the Umm el-Fahm Gallery, was established to bring high-level training in the arts to talented youths from Arab society, and to create for them new higher-education opportunities in the arts. The program also contributes to a more diverse representation of students in the fields of art in Israel. Program graduates will be trained as students at Bezalel and other academic institutions in the fields of art and design.


  1. To expose youngsters from the Arab society to the fields of art and design.
  2. To integrate youths from Arab society into art and design studies in institutions of higher learning.
  3. To increase the social diversity among students of art and design professions in Israel.
  4. To strengthen students’ self-image and encourage them to succeed and excel.

Mode of operation

10th graders, all with high motivation and a connection to the fields of art and design, will be identified through the schools and regional centers for gifted children.

They will undergo an entrance exam and a compatibility interview by Bezalel representatives. The three-year program will take place in a dedicated space, a weekly session of four hours . Students develop skills and experience that will advance their development as young creators and future artists. The first year focuses on providing basic tools and exposure to the various art fields. The second year is dedicated to expanding their understanding, knowledge, and ability to cope with artistic and design language. The third year is devoted to a final project that reflects the process which each student underwent in the program.

Alongside practical experience, the program also includes lectures and analysis of works, as well as visits to art schools, museums, and galleries throughout the country. Participants receive professional tools that will help them integrate into the artistic discourse and contemporary work, and are exposed to a variety of technical and conceptual means. The program encourages participants to develop an independent worldview, and to help impart knowledge, develop the language of art and design, and develop critical thinking.