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The Benjamin de Rothschild Ambassadors Program

About the program

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The Benjamin de Rothschild (BR) Ambassadors Program was established as an Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) flagship program, seeking to train the next generation of socially committed leadership in Israeli society. The program strives to identify, train, and establish a pool of young leaders, primarily from the socio-geographic periphery, who will successfully integrate into positions of influence in Israeli society. These young individuals will work to promote equal opportunity and structure a shared society through the platform of cooperation and joint initiative. The uniqueness of the program, which was established in 2010, lies in the combination of developing social awareness and community action, and a process of personal, academic, and occupational development in parallel to academic studies. The program expands lateral partnerships within the framework of social practicum and the creation of projects with a community impact.


  1. Identifying, training, accompanying and connecting young people from Israel’s geo-social periphery.
  2. Realizing the personal potential of each ambassador through personal, academic, and employment support.
  3. Triggering a wide-ranging social impact through an axis of knowledge, awareness, action, entrepreneurship, and social leadership.
  4. Creation, development, and support of a network of leading national graduates in key positions

Mode of operation

The BR Ambassadors Program operates along two main axes:

  1. The personal development axis, which focuses on developing the participants’ academic abilities and employment possibilities.
  2. The social axis, which focuses on expanding awareness of central issues in Israeli society through social practicum, in cooperation with dozens of civil society organizations, local authorities, and others.

The BR Ambassadors program takes place at institutions of higher learning across Israel. Ambassadors are divided into groups according to their academic affiliation. The institutions are:

  • The University of Haifa
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee
  • Oranim College, Kiryat Tiv’on
  • Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva
  • Sapir College, Sha’ar HaNegev
  • The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo
  • The Interdisciplinary Center
  • The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Ort Braude College, Carmiel
  • Sami Shamoon College, Be’er Sheva
  • Ono Academic College – the Haredi Campus

In the numbers

of program graduates
are employed
in a job
appropriate to their fields
of study and
their inclinations
dropout rate among
program participants
(compared to 20% in the
general population)
of the graduates study towards
(master's and
doctoral degrees)
of the graduates engage
in social
new participants annually
* 2017-2018 data

משתתפים מספרים

The program was demanding,
in a positive sense, which
prepared be for the profes-
sional world… I acquired
tools that I couldn’t have
received anywhere else
Yaara Cohen / BR ambassadors
The degree in Government and
Society provides tools and
opens the mind, showing
how policy can be
changed sweepingly.
Ayelet Tibbi / BR ambassadors