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About the program

Young Ethiopian Israelis constitute 2.5% of the Israeli population, but only 1.3% of all students. In science and engineering, Ethiopian Israelis account for only 0.8% of all students, mostly in colleges. The Admas (Amharic for horizon) Program, operated by the David Foundation through the Future Leaders organization, strives to increase the rates of Ethiopian Israelis studying science and engineering in Israel’s leading academic institutions.

The program started three years ago at the Technion, and currently supports 62 students – 46 of them at the Technion and its preparatory course, and 16 medicine students at The Hebrew University.
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation joined the program in order to increase it scope, both in terms of the numbers of participating students and its expansion into additional leading universities, such as Ben-Gurion and Tel Aviv Universities. The Technion’s management has recently informed of its intent to accept Ethiopian Israeli students on the basis of their preparatory program grades, without taking into account their psychometric exam scores, which may lead to an increase in the number of Ethiopian Israeli students who succeed in entering the studies.


  1. Promote the integration and success of Ethiopian Israeli students in in university engineering, science, and medicine programs, towards increasing their participation in these academic fields.

Mode of operation

As part of the program, efforts are directed for the identification of prospective candidates with potential for engineering and science studies among the Ethiopian Israeli community. The accepted students are provided with guidance and a enveloping support throughout their studies  , which includes individual and social support, along with empowerment workshops, learning strategies, and preparation for the employment world. Based on the perception of  financial need as a major factor among the challenges Ethiopian Israeli students face, the program provides all its participants with personal scholarships.

In the numbers

students & preparatory course participants
were supported In the 2019-2020 academic year