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Social Impact Bond

About the program

The first social bond program in Israel, and the first in the world in the field of higher education, was jointly developed by The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) and SFI-Social Finance Israel in order to reduce students’ dropout rates from academic computer science programs.
The program was developed according to the social bond model, whose economic results are measured continuously.

Our partners in the program are the Aluma Association, SFI, the University of Haifa, and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College.


  1. To reduce the dropout rates of students from academic studies in computer science.
  2. To implement best practices to reduce dropout rates in academic institutions.
  3. To prove the necessity and effectiveness of the social bond model as a viable solution to social problems.

Mode of operation

One in five students who begin their academic studies in Israel does not complete undergraduate studies.

In the STEM fields, and especially in computer sciences, the average dropout rate is about 30%. The dropout rate is even greater than 40% among special populations. Dropout affects the students, the academic institution, and the entire Israeli economy due to the lack of ability to earn a living.

The program was developed as an intervention model whose results are continuously measured. The social bond model is based on the ability to quantify the level of financial loss caused by a social problem, and in this case – the losses incurred by the academic institution as a result of student dropout.

The Aluma Association operates the program at the University of Haifa and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College. Participants receive a suite of services that includes personal guidance from the program coordinators; academic reinforcement, including group studies, private tutoring, learning centers and learning marathons during the exam periods, as well as financial assistance.


In the numbers

participants in the
program since its
reduction of first-year dropout rates
at the University of Haifa’s
Computer Science Department
reduction of dropout rate
dropout rate reduction at
the University of Haifa’s Computer Science
Department after two years of study
* 2017-2018 data