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Rothschild Research Series

About the program

In keeping with its philosophy of active philanthropy, in 2011, the Foundation initiated a project of social science research studies, focused on three main areas of its activity and identity: Access to and success in higher education, measurement and evaluation, and the Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s legacy, with the participation of scholars and research staff from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, University Haifa, the Open University, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, and the Center for Educational Technology.

With the completion of the first series of studies, another series was launched in 2018, focusing on the following areas of research:

  1. Israeli philanthropy.
  2. Maximizing higher education among peripheral populations.
  3. The impact of leadership programs.
  4. Mergers in the social field


  1. To encourage academic excellence by supporting research.
  2. To expand existing academic knowledge in the Foundation’s fields of activity, and provide access to it to organizations operating in the social field.

Mode of operation

Calls for submission for each field were sent at the Foundation’s initiative to all the research authorities at research universities in Israel.

These calls included all the criteria for submitting research proposals as well as the deadlines for completing the two-stage process. Dozens of research proposals were submitted, and after the initial screening process, the relevant proposals were approved by an academic committee, consisting of representatives from the academic community, the social field, and representatives of the Foundation. The committee examined each research proposal on its own merits and recommended to the Foundation which studies to support.

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