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Olim Beyahad

About the program

The program aims to create a young leadership rank among members of the Israeli Ethiopian community, by integrating academics into influential positions in the Israeli economy. The program helps Ethiopian Israelis to advance and utilize their abilities and aspirations in order to create a change in Israeli society’s perceptions.



  1. To create a leadership rank among members of the Israeli Ethiopian community.
  2. To form a social-professional network of academics from the Israeli Ethiopian community.
  3. To integrate the Israeli Ethiopian community into workplaces at the forefront of the Israeli economy.
  4. To bring about a change in society’s perceptions of the abilities of members of the Israeli Ethiopian community.

Mode of operation

The project consists of three programs: a core program, a public sector program, and the Tasa Workplace Internship Program.

The core program, which opens simultaneously in the country’s central region, Jerusalem, and Haifa, includes Israeli Ethiopian students who are about to finish their studies, or fresh graduates – all outstanding students with high social awareness. Within the framework of the 10-month program, participants acquire basic knowledge and skills required for integration into the employment market. They take part in courses on leadership, intercultural conflicts, self-representation, English, and more. Thanks to the program, participants have access to over 1500 employers working with the Foundation.
In the second phase of the program – the excellence stage – each participant is paired to a volunteer mentor, who holds a key position in the employment market in the field relevant to the student’s studies and aspirations. With the help of the mentor, participants acquire advanced skills for successful employment and social mobility.
In the last stage, participants join the alumni of Olim Beyahad and work to promote social change among the Israeli Ethiopian community and additional communities.

The public sector program prepares participants for the Civil Service Commission exams, which, until now, has constituted a significant barrier for Israeli Ethiopians.

In the Tasa (“breakthrough” in Amharic) program, participants integrate as paid interns in leading companies – from high-tech to Israel’s largest law firms.

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