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Masar (Taking a Journey)

About the program

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Masar, Arabic for “journey,” was developed by the Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships to drive social-community leadership in the Arab society in Israel. The program is designed for highly motivated 18-year-olds with leadership potential, who find themselves at a challenging crossroads in the context of deciding about and planning their future. Masar provides them with tools and life skills, and fosters a confidence in their ability to achieve academic educations and impact society. Program participants address issues of values and society and gain a deeper understanding of Israeli society. Upon program completion, a cadre of deeply committed young leaders emerge, with the capacity and motivation to contribute to their community and society, integrate into the Israeli social fabric, impact and improve it.


  1. To establish a young leadership reserve with social, moral, leadership, and community awareness in the Arab society, by providing tools and life skills and fostering a sense of competence among motivated youngsters
  2. To direct youth towards personal excellence and higher education, and to develop a proactive and ambitious future.
  3. To enhance a sense of belonging to Israeli society by gaining greater knowledge of the different parts and cultures
  4. To foster community identity and create commitment to the future of Arab society in the State of Israel

Mode of operation

Training spans a variety of topics, including: leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, and social action in the fields of education and society in the community. Training takes place in four axes: learning, group, personal and social action.

In the learning axis, students are exposed to learning materials, tools, and skills for leadership, identity and culture, government and politics, democracy and citizenship, globalization, gender, and issues affecting Israeli society and life in the shared space.

In the group axis, the group undergoes guided processes that enable meaningful personal learning, the creation of a communal identity, adaptation of the learning experience and social action, and enhance their sense of belonging to a group of colleagues.

In the personal axis, students benefit from regular personal meetings with the group moderator. The sessions allow us to observe and gain personal acquaintance with the student and develop listening, sharing, and feedback skills. In addition, the program works to strengthen a sense of self-efficacy.

In the social action axis, students are required to develop and implement a social project through which they experience social reality and accomplishment, as well as social and managerial practices.

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