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Leadership in Academia

About the program

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The program is a national initiative, co-founded by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) and the Israeli Council for Higher Education.
Its basic mission is to establish and nurture a strong network of senior faculty members of universities, colleges, and research institutions who will serve as change leaders. Institutions of higher education all over the world are currently facing immense challenges, including new learning technologies; extensive competition for human and financial resources; and social, economic, and demographic needs and constraints.
While these trends are global, it seems that they are even more prominent in Israel, due to the tremendous growth of new institutions, mostly colleges, over the past 20 years, along with the ever-increasing dominance of the high-tech industry and the changing demographics.
In order to lead the academia and adapt it to the accelerating changes, it is necessary to develop leadership and management skills among senior university and college officials. The Leadership in Academia program was founded to realize these goals.


  1. Creating a network of change leaders from Israeli academic institutions.
  2. Developing leadership skills among senior members of these institutions.
  3. Fostering a leadership culture that supports the promotion of an outstanding and innovative higher education system, which contributes to basic research, applied research, the quality of teaching, and the development of both society and the economy.
  4. Creating an academic leadership rank that will have the know-how and tools to adapt higher education institutions to contemporary challenges in a developing environment.

Mode of operation

Beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, and every year from then on, 30-35 fellows will be nominated annually to form a learning community.

They will consist of senior academics (vice rectors, faculty and school deans, current and former department heads) as well as senior administrators (VP’s or equivalent). The program will combine a problem-solving approach with skill development. It will enable the fellows to identify the various challenges and to identify appropriate solutions based on best practices originating in Israel or abroad.

In order to be able to navigate among these complex factors, the core part of the program will encourage the fellows to assume a “leadership state of mind” that will enhance their capacity to embrace changes and drive impact.
The program will take place over 20 days in Israel, and 10-14 days abroad (two international field trips to Europe and the US) and will require the fellows to take an active role in structuring the different formal activities and developing fresh ideas between meetings.

Launch of the program "Leadership in Academia"