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“Kav Mashveh” Business Clubs

About the program

Developed by the Kav Mashveh organization, the program is designed for Arab students in the fields of biotechnology, economics and finance, law, human resources, computer science, and engineering.
Through the program, students acquire necessary knowledge and tools for their integration into significant career paths, and are exposed to leading companies and businesses in the Israeli economy, with the aim of creating a network of connections that will constitute a solid basis for their professional development.


  1. To integrate the finest Arab youth in major business companies in the Israeli economy.
  2. To integrate young Arabs into professions where they are under-represented.
  3. To create a close and active social-professional network of young Arabs in the business sector.
  4. To expose participants to the Israeli economy and create meaningful connections between them and leading business people.
  5. To develop and strengthen leadership skills and social commitment among young Arabs.

Mode of operation

During the program – designed for students in their final year of studies – participants visit leading Israeli companies and corporations. They also take part in workshops, such as preparing CVs, dealing with evaluation centers and job interviews, self-marketing, and negotiations.

They meet with employees and managers from the Arab society who have integrated into business companies, and leading and inspiring business people. Students receive support in finding relevant potential jobs and individual preparation for job interviews.

The program operates at the Technion, Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, and Braude College.

In the numbers

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in the program
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* 2017-2018 data