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Kav Hazinuk (The Starting Line)

About the program

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The only ten-year leadership program in Israel, Kav Hazinuk, was founded in 2002 in order to identify and train the future leaders of an ethical, diverse, innovative society. Utilizing a custom-made model based on Stephan Covey’s effectivity model, the program works with youngs starting in the 10th grade and continues supporting them till the age of 25. Kav Hazinuk aims to form a network of young change-makers, creating strong local leadership in their communities and seeking to challenge old patterns of thought and action that increase social gaps in Israel.


  1. Develop leadership that is capable of promoting profound changes in the Israeli reality.
  2. Encourage entrepreneurship and activism among social leaders.
  3. Create a network of young leaders operating in the geo-social periphery.
  4. Create a strong local leadership in their communities.

Mode of operation

Kav Hazinuk accompanies its participants over the years in three stages:

In the first stage, from the 10th grade till the 12th, participants strengthen their personal and social identity and develop leadership abilities and a critical social consciousness through diverse experiences. Participants take part in weekly group meetings and seminars. During the first stage they are exposed to innovative models of leadership, experience social entrepreneurship and activism.

In the second stage, which takes place during participants’ military or national service, participants undergo training with continuous personal guidance which enhances social consciousness and activism.

In the third stage, participants receive assistance in planning their life path according to their wishes in the workplace or academia, through personal and professional development tracks and realization of the values they acquired through the program. Among the available tracks are a fundraising entrepreneurship incubator, individual accompaniment, social practice in partner organizations, mentoring, and various other training programs. The program provides its graduates with a network of support and connections to ensure their success.

Kav Hazinuk operates in five geographic regions:

  • Upper Galilee
  • Western Galilee
  • Jerusalem
  • Central Israel
  • Eastern Negev

In the numbers

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in the program since
its inception
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* 2017-2018 data

משתתפים מספרים

Kav Hazinuk helped me
understand that I am a person
of action that can’t just sit
by when I see problems
and always strive to
better the situation for
others around me
Hamed Suad / Kav Hazinuk
Kav Hazinuk taught me how not to
take things for granted, doubt
and question. Seeking to
leave my comfort zone and
learn new things has
become a part of my
daily life.
Sarah Tarif / Kav Hazinuk