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Collective Impact

About the program

Founded in 2017, Collective Impact focuses on the effective access of Arab academic graduates to employers in the Israeli economy.
The program operates on two levels: Transforming academic institutions into “diversity employers,” and effecting a change in the consciousness of Arab academics, with the aim of encouraging them to integrate into private-sector employment upon graduation. The program also deals with the challenges of working with Jewish employers, facilitating the accessibility of jobs and graduates’ placement.


  1. To increase the number of Arab academics who integrate into employment in the business sector.
  2. To increase the number of Arab employees in academic institutions.
  3. To accompany the placement process of Arab academics in workplaces suitable to their qualifications.
  4. To change the perceptions among Arab academics regarding application for jobs in the business sector.

Mode of operation

  1. Creating an incubator for candidates – an interface designed to gather and concentrate information on activities addressing access to commensurate employment for Arab academics, and to develop needed activities. The program, which targets Arab youth aged 19-28, appoints Arab-speaking career coordinators who will guide students in all areas of employment, expands and connects existing programs of organizations such as Tsofen, Kav Mashveh, Alumni Clubs, and others, connects candidates with companies, develops apprenticeship programs and creates a general outline for academic guidance.
  2. Turning academic institutions into diverse employers – the program works to create change in the academic institutions with which it cooperates. The purpose is to raise awareness among the institutions about the importance of employing workers from the Arab society, and to help them prepare for the proper integration of these workers.