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Career Management Center – Hadassah College

About the program

The Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem has a social and employment orientation that attracts students from across Israel, half of whom are their family’s first generation to acquire a higher education.

In 2013, the Foundation established the college’s Career Management Center to provide students and graduates with tools and skills to help them plan their careers and quickly integrate into the challenging workplace of the 21st century.



  1. To support the college’s students and graduates in translating higher education into commensurate employment.
  2. To foster each student’s awareness, orientation, and initiative towards developing a career with an economic, professional, and personal horizon.

Mode of operation

The Center develops and provides a range of services tailored to students and graduates from different populations – especially the Arab and Haredi society.

The range of services is adapted to the needs of the industry relevant to the different subjects of study, and includes generic services, such as career counseling, as well as workshops that provide the tools and skills required for admission to the workplace, including CV writing, preparing for job interviews, and networking workshops. In addition, the Center provides specific training programs adapted to unique fields of study, including the preparation of a digital portfolio, workshops on entrepreneurship and sales, and more. The Center also works to train academic staff in connection with employment, and serves as an effective bridge between the employment market and the academic world, in a way that serves both.

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