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Art in the Community

About the program

The Art in the Community program at Shenkar College is a diploma program, offering comprehensive practical and theoretical training for those interested in initiating, developing, and performing artistic projects in a social context.
The program is open to participants from the fields of plastic arts, theater, dance, music, performance, and interdisciplinary art, and is designed for professionals in the fields of art and education, as well as for social activists. Art in the Community focuses on practical training and student guidance from the early entrepreneurship and thought stages, through concept formulation, to the implementation of a community project.

In 2018, we launched the incubator for program graduates. The incubator seeks to provide a professional framework for social entrepreneurs who are graduates of the program, in the framework of which they will be able to initiate and implement new projects or expand existing ones in a variety of cultural contexts in Israel.


  1. To train artists and educators in the development of community art projects.
  2. To drive social processes in the community through art.
  3. To enable entrepreneurs of art in the community to implement new projects or expand existing ones.

Mode of operation

The program is spread over three semesters, in eight hours of study per week. It includes practical experience workshops alongside theoretical classes and guest lectures by professionals and artists.

The program’s students go on educational tours of art projects in the community and meet with the communities in which they operate.
The projects take place in a variety of communities in Israel’s social and geographic periphery, with participants from all parts of society: Jews, Arabs, secular and religious, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities.
After five cycles of the program, in which 100 graduates completed the training program, we launched the graduates’ incubator in 2018. The incubator is designed for 10 participants annually, who have passed a screening process and meet the required criteria. The incubator’s activity takes one year and includes group learning sessions, personal mentoring sessions, meetings with alumni, field trips, and workshops to enhance the creative process.

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