Academy for Life

About the program

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) initiated the Academy for Life program in 2012 in light of similarities between populations that do not serve in the IDF and populations that are underrepresented in academia. The program is aimed at young people with potential and social commitment, who have chosen to contribute to society through a year of volunteering.

This year serves as a platform for personal empowerment and preparation for academic studies. The program accompanies participants from their entry into higher education, throughout their degree studies, to their successful integration into the workforce.

Our partners in the program are Bat Ami, Ma’ase Center, the AJEEC-Abraham Fund Initiatives partnership, the “Citizens Build a Community” organization, and the National Student Union.


  1. To increase the representation of populations that do not serve in the army in academic institutions.
  2. To ensure these populations receive a high-quality education with employment potential.
  3. Empower participants and prepare them for a high-quality education with employment potential.
  4. To accompany participants during their studies, towards ensuring their success.

Mode of Operation

The program operates among various peripheral populations, including young at-risk women, Arab society, the Bedouin society in southern Israel, and Ethiopian Israelis.

It is operated by social organizations with expertise in working with these various populations. Participants receive counseling, empowerment, and support in order to provide them access to institutions of higher education and assist them to succeed in their studies. The holistic approach includes personal and group support, academic guidance, pre-academic studies needed for higher-education admittance, soft skills, academic reinforcement, as well as financial assistance.


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About the Academy for Life program