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Excellence in Philanthropy

About the program

Over the past 20 years, philanthropy as a field of activity has grown worldwide and professionalized. The interfaces between philanthropy and other sectors – public, social, and business – have expanded, and philanthropic discourse has become specialized, focused on effect and measurable.
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation joined other foundations and leading organizations in the field, with the aim of creating a professional discourse in the field of philanthropy in Israel, while promoting its areas of interest. Among other things, the Foundation is involved in the following initiatives:


  1. The Foundation joined JFN Israel (Jewish Funders Network), which leads an annual international conference in which hundreds of world-class philanthropists, decision-makers and experts gather under one roof for an extensive discussion of current issues and joint learning.


  1. The Foundation, together with other leading foundations, is a partner in the organization of an Israeli Philanthropic Conference that creates an independent and unique space for the development of discourse and language and joint learning for Israel’s philanthropic community. The conference stimulates dialogue and critical thinking about the roles of philanthropy, its methods of operation and its cumulative influence on Israeli society.


  1. To create a common language and to expose the unique characteristics of philanthropic activity in Israel.
  2. To create dialogue centered on a culture of giving and unique philanthropic activity.
  3. To develop a variety of tools and create optimal conditions for the growth of effective philanthropy.
  4. To promote the Foundation’s interests.

Mode of operation

The Foundation’s activity in the field of excellence in philanthropic activity is based on cooperation with world-leading foundations, philanthropists, decision-makers and experts. The Foundation is a member of the Israel Forum of Foundations, and the conferences it is involved in and supports serve as a unique opportunity to create local and international contacts, share ideas and deepen professional knowledge.