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JFN Matching Grant

About the program

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) and the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) have initiated a $1 million-grant program to help build an ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Israel and to increase philanthropic involvement in the field.
Impact initiatives aim to address unmet social and environmental needs, along with the existence of a measurable business model with economic feasibility. The growth of the impact area encourages the flow of new economic capital, and assists in the development of products, tools and methods to deal with pressing global challenges through solutions such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and accessible basic services at a fair price in the areas of housing, health, and education.


  1. To assist in building an ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship in Israel, and to support organizations and projects that develop the infrastructure of this field.
  2. To support organizations working to create new tools and models for social change.
  3. To encourage the creation of new and innovative economic models that will help reduce social problems.
  4. To stimulate and strengthen academic organizations and institutions working in the area of impact entrepreneurship.

Mode of operation

The program is intended for registered Israeli non-profit organizations and academic institutions working to expand Israel’s impact entrepreneurship ecosystem, by creating entrepreneurship programs, new impact research, development of new models for impact modeling, and more.

An event hosted by te Edmond de Rothschild Center during the JFN 2018 conference