The EDR Design Award promotes design excellence and aiming to encouraging diverse voices & new creativity

The Edmond de Rothschild Design Award

about the award

The Rothschild Design Award was founded on the need to promote public awareness of the excellence and prominence of the design field in Israeli society. The award is conferred upon outstanding designers, both senior and emerging, in recognition of their significant contribution to shaping contemporary culture, creating a unique body of work, and contributing to the advancement of the economy, technology, and industry. Emphasis will be given to artists whose innovative and groundbreaking projects have a broad impact in society, as well as significant implementation. Further emphasis is placed on designers whose work extends the boundaries of the field, in their creation of projects with a cultural context, reflecting the diverse voices in Israeli society.

The award’s three fields are:

Visual communication design – for designers active in the various mediums, including all areas of graphic design – typography, image, print design, art direction, illustration, and interactive design, including digital interfaces, services and systems, game design, app design and user experience (UX/UI) and any other 2D designs.

Product design and Craft – for designers who design objects, items, and products in limited series or mass production in all areas of industrial design – products, technologies, medical and industrial equipment, transport, consumer products, biological and marine design, integrated user interfaces, furniture, displays, toys, and all material craft fields, such as ceramics and glass, wood and metal, plastic composite materials, and any other (non-wearable) object.

Textile, fashion, jewelry, and accessories design – for designers in the fields of fashion design, jewelry, silver and gold, textile design and development, fashion accessories and clothing items such as shoes, hats, and bags, produced in limited series or mass production. Textile design and development for apparel, jewelry and accessories, including all types of wearables.


  1. Promoting and encouraging excellence through public recognition of senior designers with a high-quality and significant body of work.
  2. Identifying and supporting early-stage designers.
  3. Sharpening local standards for excellence in design.
  4. Increasing local interest in contemporary design.
  5. Increasing international exposure to Israeli design.

Mode of operation

Four awards will be granted annually to Israeli designers whose center of activity is in Israel:

Two awards for senior designers, and two for emerging designers. Each year’s award will be conferred upon designers in one of the three areas, by order (the 2019 award will be dedicated to visual communication design; 2020 – product and craft design; 2021 – textile, fashion, jewelry, and accessory design visual communication design). The prize itself is a financial grant of NIS 90,000 for a senior designer and NIS 45,000 for an emerging designer.

The award in numbers

awards each year